2010 Illustrations/ Sketchbook : Caricatures/ Portraits/ Landscape

Some of the illustrations I created in 2010. Included a couple from 2009. 

Speed Concepts

Most digital paintings in this group were completed during hour long Sketchoholic marathons. We would randomly pick a topic then we would have the rest of the time to draw, paint and then upload our idea.  


Speed Head Studies

Recently I have been searching out a more expressive and simplified approach. I completed all speed paintings with time limits to try to keep painterly and not get carried away with realism.

 (statue head)

Speed Landscape Studies
30 min- 1hr. studies. Mostly going for limited indication- just enough that you can make out the landscape from the limited mark making. These are fun to play with various brushes.

 A couple of this years animal(s) studies. This time searching out more limited mark making.

Figure Speed Studies

Most 30 min. and less. Supplemented by many charcoal and graphite studies I did during the same time.

Self Portraits

Once again searching out a more painterly and expressive approach.

(30 min.)

 (3 hrs.)

(Cropped Hi-res section of self portrait above.)

I offer classes on my digital painting process for creating landscapes, animals, people and caricature from scratch with no photo-manipulation. I have taught my process with motivated students since 2008. Please e-mail me at theodore@nanorainforest.com to inquire about classes with in-depth process tutorials and in-depth tutorial videos on any style you see on this blog. Thank you!