Various Traditional Studies

Various traditional studies from the last ten years. All are timed studies and none are finished pieces (some will be completed to finish). Some are class assignments and some are for experimentation.  Most of them are were done prior to 2008. Been keeping busy with digital paint :)

(Some are squished on the small previews, click on them to see at real aspect ratio)

(not J class model)

(not J class model)

Some more sketchbook sketches can be found here in a online sketchbook I uploaded to in 2010- 2011:

I hate to get sentimental about my art, but some people ask when I got started in digital painting. I started to digitally paint about 15 years ago in high school art class. This is a study of the Eastbay cover from back then. Mine is on the left I used a mouse to sketch, draw and paint.
(click to enlarge.)

I also did my first oil painting that year.

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Some of drawings from that same year. All on 18" x 24" paper.