2009 Large Scale Landscape Painting

Theodore E. Miller- 'Waterfalls'
(Click on digital painting for larger preview)

     Digital Paintings completed for a commissioned project. As always, all digital paintings hand created from scratch and took a average of 50 - 80 hours to complete. The final digital painting file ended up being about 90 megapixels (12200X7200). For a comparison the larger preview is only 1 megapixel (1280X750). The paintings were printed at  a average of 48" X 82" on canvas material. I will upload a picture of the final installation soon.
     I started this digital painting loose with paint splatters on mid tone paper. Then I detailed with mostly the Sargent Brush, using the airbrush and chalk tools from time to time.  I had a general idea of what I wanted to do after seeing some waterfalls directly under some trees in a rain-forest. The surreal appearance of these falls gave me some great inspiration. Through out the process I tried to keep a balance between impressionist brush strokes and realism. By the end of the painting I had reshaped and reformatted the painting multiple times.

  I put together a couple of the steps of the process into a low-res time fade animation. Hope you enjoy. 

I offer classes on my digital painting process for creating landscapes, animals and people from scratch with no photo-manipulation. I have taught my process with motivated students since 2008. Please e-mail me at theodore@nanorainforest.com to inquire about classes with in-depth process tutorials and in-depth tutorial videos on any style you see on this blog. Thank you!